How to Write a Blog

The Internet is rife with blogs (short for a web log) on every topic under the sun. From personal journal-type sites to music-review sites to fashion-criticism to political-commentary and everything between, you can find blogs on any subject you can think of.

Why are so many people blogging?
Blogging has gained immense popularity in the last couple of years, and thousands of new blogs are created each month. But why? Well, as technology evolves, so do we. The beauty of the Internet is not only the wealth of information it provides, but also the connectivity the access to the thoughts, feelings, opinions, pictures and videos of other people across the globe. Maybe it’s because we’re naturally voyeuristic, or maybe it’s the innate human need to have a sense of community (we are social creatures, after all), but whatever the reason, blogging is wildly popular, and probably not going anywhere. In fact, as the news media declines in these tough economic times, bloggers are gaining more and more power in terms of taking on the role of opinion makers.

Why should you blog?
Blogging has a great number of benefits in fact, there are probably as many reasons to blog as there are types of blogs. Many people use blogs as an extension of their careers their blogs are forums by which their employees and/or clients can contact them and keep up with what’s happening day to day. For others, a blog is an outlet for creativity. Writers, cooks, musicians, and designers are just a few of the types of people who can use a blog to share their passion with the world by posting poems, recipes, songs, general observations, event dates, photos and new projects. Some people use blogs simply to increase their web site ranking in the search engines, as regular updates help keep web sites relevant. And some people just want someone to talk to, so they talk to everyone via a personal-journal-type blog.

Where can you get a blog?
There a lots of free blogging sites to help you set up a blog and get started. Blogspot is a very simple one to use, and you can get set up and going in just a few minutes. But don’t be fooled, just because everyone and their dog seems to have a blog these days doesn’t mean blogging is easy. Successful blogs are relevant, topical, and regularly updated.

How do you get started?
If you want to start a blog, the most important thing to do is to choose a theme: what is your blog going to be about? Writing, painting, cooking, fashion, politics, sports? Try to narrow your focus to make creating content easier, a blog that’s not narrowly-enough defined can cause problems when it’s time to come up with something specific to write about. The most effective blogs tend to be those that are very specific in their subject matter, so don’t just pick a topic, pick a niche within a topic. For example, if you’re a trend-watcher, pick a specific area to focus on: new trends as seen where you live, for example. Or instead of starting a blog about sports, focus on one sport, or one state’s various sport teams, or even just one team. The more narrowly you focus your topic, the easier it is to overcome writers block down the road, and to ultimately make your blog successful (that is, getting people, besides your mom, your co-workers and your spouse, to read it).

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The Musical Enlightenment

he ideas of Rene Descartes had a profound influence upon the men who followed him. Every branch of knowledge and of art was re-examined and reformulated in the light of reason and in the spirit of scientific method.

One of his followers insisted that the end of music was to move the passions and to attain this goal, composers must study the principles of composition in a scientific way. By the beginning of the eighteenth century the art of creating music had become almost entirely rationalized. It came to its richest fruition in the works of Bach and Handel. The two men showed the world Baroque musical architecture at its imposing best. The general basis of the work of both was counterpoint, devised with great harmonic mastery, resting upon physical laws. Bach and Handel represented a trend towards greater regularity of style in the clearly defined types and forms, in a series of standardized formulas, such as the suite, the sonata, the rondo, the opera, the oratorio, the cantata, the concerto, characterized chiefly by highly elaborate melodies and contrasting effects.

The Heir to a long-standing German family tradition of musical service in the church, Bach early in his career made known his goal of creating a “well-regulated church music to the honor of God”. In his pursuit of this goal he absorbed all the various contemporary musical techniques of expressing the passion in order to apply them to the most profound elements of the Lutheran tradition. By employing all the styles of sacred and secular music, Bach created a synthetic art which summarized all the developments of the Baroque era. More conspicuously than any other composer of his day, he also suggested musical techniques, devices and methods, which, with the coming of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven, were soon to open up new horizons for music and pave the way for its further development during the next century. In Bach one can see the spirit of the Age of Reason. One cannot imagine what the history of music would have been had Bach never lived, for his rational influence was immeasurable. It was not an overstatement when Schumann(1810-1856) said, “Music owes as much to Bach as Christianity does to its Founder”.

Major Works:

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Who Will Inherit Your Blog?

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”, said Franklin. The exception list keeps growing. We had Mitchell adding childbirth to the list in Gone with the Wind. And I, humbly want to add blogs (or tweets, if you will), to this list.

We know that there will be no death to taxes but what will happen to blogs after death? Have you ever wondered? I was searching for counter arguments against Health Industry Standard “HL 7” and I got it in a blog; specifically, in Barry Smith’s blog. This got me thinking. How much of knowledge and information is locked up in blogs? Do we know? Does anyone know?

Who gets the key to a blog when a person is no more?

We know your rich aunt’s property, copyright, toothbrush and soap can be her bequest to you. But is there a legal framework for bequeathing blogs? For example, I am sure Michael Jackson must have had a blog going. What happens to it now? There must be huge amount of public interest and other information locked up in his blog. What happens to it now? Will it be gone from the face of the earth or will it be claimed by Project Gutenberg and added to its voluminous data?

Enterprises are doing eDiscovery to leverage out information from loose files and emails. I am not sure people will give a handle to their blogs. Forrester in its Jan2009 issue says that electronically stored information, or ESI, will be relevant to eDiscovery and I quote:


Although a wide variety of electronically stored information (ESI) can be relevant to eDiscovery under the revised US FRCP, most litigation to date has focused on email, loose files, and employee desktops. In 2009, other content types will become increasingly important for eDiscovery.


Yet, will libraries and individuals be able to unlock blogs and have a look see after a blogger’s demise? Who will inherit a blogger’s legacy?

Who knows, many years later, it may well be possible for a blogger to log in from up there and continue blogging. But till then will a blogger please write her will?